Saturday, 24 October 2009

Rural Affairs Minister celebrates the best of local food at the Gwledd Conwy feast

Rural Affairs Minister Elin Jones will be in Conwy today (Saturday 24 October) to show her support for Gwledd Conwy Feast, an annual food and drink festival that takes place in locations across the town.

The festival, which began as a fairly small affair, has grown significantly over recent years and is now widely regarded as one of North Wales’ most prominent food and drink events.

During her visit to the festival the Minister will have the opportunity to meet an array of local food producers and chefs and speak to them about the growing importance and popularity of local food.

Speaking about the event, the Minister said;

“The Gwledd Conwy Feast has become one of the highlights of the Welsh food and drink calendar as both a culinary and cultural event and I am looking forward to seeing and sampling the wide variety of high quality local food that is on offer.

“Events such as these are an excellent way of promoting the benefits of buying local food, as set out in our Local Sourcing Action Plan. Not only is there a wide range of high quality local produce to choose from, buying locally also means we have the luxury of being able to ask the producer directly about where our food comes from and seek reassurance on production methods and animal welfare.

“Buying locally also reduces the miles food travels which helps us to reduce our carbon emissions, and leads to money being reinvested back into our communities, something which is more important than ever in the current economic climate.”

The Gwledd Conwy Feast was the winner of Visit Wales’ Best Community Event in Wales Award in 2007. This year’s event has been supported by £43,000 of Welsh Assembly Government Supply Chain Efficiencies funding.


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