Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Swansea aims to reach Millennium Development Goals

Swansea is doing its bit to reach Millennium Development Goals set by the United Nations.

A conference is taking place later this week where Swansea Council workers will swear to stand up and take action to reach goals such as gender equality, environmental sustainability and ending poverty and hunger.

The other Millennium Development Goals include achieving universal primary education, reducing child mortality, improving maternal health, combating AIDS and other diseases and developing a global partnership for development.

Swansea's pledge to reach the goals will coincide with the Mayors in Action Against Poverty initiative from Friday October 16 to Sunday October 18.

The Millennium Development Goals are supported by the United Cities and Local Government Network (UCLG) of which Swansea Council is a member.

Swansea Lord Mayor Alan Lloyd was the founding President of the UCLG.

Cllr Lloyd said: "The Millennium Development Goals are important objectives if we're to show progress in the continuous aim of making the world a more tolerant, equal, safer and protected place for future generations.

"It's vital that all communities across the planet contribute to realising these goals if the project is to be successful so I'm proud that Swansea Council staff will be showing their commitment by making a pledge at the conference later this week.

"This illustrates that we're doing our bit as part of worldwide campaign."

Poverty or social exclusion is not just about lacking money. It can also mean someone being unable to join in with activities that could help them feel a part of society.

This is why Swansea Council is in the midst of putting together a Social Inclusion Strategy to help all services and departments tackle poverty and social exclusion.

A great deal of work is also ongoing to tackle poverty in Swansea. This includes the raising of millions of pounds of additional welfare benefits during 2008/09 for those in need and a current campaign to raise awareness of child disability living allowance.

Other schemes include the apprenticeship programme run by the Council's Corporate Building Services and Flying Start- a project that provides free childcare and additional health visits for parents and carers in areas of disadvantage.

Cllr Lloyd said: "A great deal of work is being undertaken to support the Millennium Development Goals here at a local level in Swansea and to create a fairer society.

"We will continue to put schemes in place that promote the goals and show our dedication to helping make our communities better places for all."


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